nakuru & naivasha excursions

These two budding towns have it all. Between the two they lay claim to sites such as Hell’s Gate, Crescent Island, and a national park. That and so much more.

Hell's Gate

Hell’s Gate is full of adventure. The park offers rock climbing, trekking, and game viewing among other hidden gems in it’s gorges.

Zebras at Hell's Gate National Park

L. Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park is perhaps most famous for its beautiful pink flamingos. Furthermore, the park is also home to other wild animals such as rhinos and is a prime destination for a safari.

crescent island

Crescent Island is unique in the sense that instead of game drives one can take “game walks”. That means one is free to roam about with island alongside wild animals. The animals are however all herbivores.

Wildebeests on Crescent Island
Aerial view of Menengai Crater

menengai crater

Menengai Crater is an extinct volcanic crater that offers some adventure in form of hiking and trekking.


Lake Naivasha was originally named Nai’posha by the local Maasai tribe. The phrase means “rough waters” as the lake is prone to storms that cause high waves. Other than that it is a beautiful destination especially for bird watchers and the surrounding bushes are home to giraffes and other wildlife.

A hippo in Lake Naivasha