Mt. kenya excursions

The Mt. Kenya region is alive with adventure. The region is home to amazing lodges, conservancies, and national parks and reserves.

Mt. Kenya National Park

Mt. Kenya is Kenya’s tallest mountain and offers an exhilarating climb to either one of its peaks. Further still, the park is full of wildlife making for amazing game viewing.

Wild animals in a bush in Aberdare Ranges National Park

Aberdare National park

Aberdare National Park is home to elephants, rhinos, leopards and many more wild animals. It is also characterized by mountain vegetation such as moorland. Fishing is a popular activity in the park.


Ol Pejeta Conservancy is sandwiched between the foothills of Mt. Kenya and Aberdare Ranges. It is located in Nanyuki close to the equator and is mostly know for its rhinos.

On the equator sign at Mt. Kenya Safari Club

cross the equator

Crossing the equator is no mean feat. At least one would not think so based on how ceremonious the activity is treated. In Nanyuki one even gets a certificate for crossing the equator at selected sites with organized ceremonial crossings.