KENYA north coast

Kenya’s North Coast features beaches such as Bamburi and Nyali along which various world-class resorts are situated. Experience Kenya’s best hospitality in resorts such as Serena Beach Resort & Spa, Bamburi Beach Hotel, The Reef Hotel and much more.

Bamburi Beach Hotel

Bamburi Beach Hotel is named after the beach it is set on. It is one of North Coast’s most popular hotels both with Kenyans and foreigners. This 3-star facility also comes with very competitive rates.

Bamburi Beach Hotel
Plaza Beach Hotel

Plaza beach hotel

Plaza Beach hotel is a family owned hotel along Bamburi Beach. This 3-star hotel is probably the most affordable in it’s category in the North Coast

Serana Beach resort & spa

The Serena brand needs no introduction and Serena Beach Resort & Spa is their facility in Kenya’s North Coast. It is nestled in pristine gardens and coconut trees.

Serena Beach Resort & Spa
Kenya Bay Beach Hotel

kenya bay beach

Kenya Bay Beach Hotel is located next to Bamburi Beach and is like most of the other resorts on Bamburi Beach. Affordable with modest features that surprisingly deliver a wonderful beach holiday experience.

MOMBASA continental resort

Mombasa Continental Resort is a 4-star facility off the Mombasa-Malindi highway. The resort has a touch of class to it and is another stand-out facility in Kenya’s North Coast.

Mombasa Continental Resort